A Blood Test for Colon Cancer Screening

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What is Epi proColon® 2.0 CE?

Epi proColon® 2.0 CE is a blood test for colorectal cancer screening. The test provides a simple and acceptable alternative to other non-invasive screening tests and can be performed as a first step in the early detection of colorectal cancer.

The Epi proColon® 2.0 CE test is performed by a clinical laboratory. It detects a specific type of DNA called Septin 9. Septin 9 DNA is altered in colorectal cancer tumor cells more often than in normal cells. The tumor cells release altered Septin 9 DNA into the bloodstream. The altered DNA can be detected in a blood sample. Altered Septin 9 DNA is often found in blood samples from people with colorectal cancer.

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