Get Screened

Understanding Your Test Results

What does a positive blood test mean?

    • positive-test-resultA positive test result indicates an increased chance that you may have colorectal cancer.
    • You should discuss your test result with your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider should order a colonoscopy to find out if you have colorectal cancer.


What does a Negative Epi proColon® blood test result mean?

    • negative-test-resultA negative test result indicates a decreased chance that you may have colorectal cancer.
    • Some people with colorectal cancer may have negative test results. Studies show that altered Septin 9 DNA is not found in the blood of every person with colorectal cancer.
    • Even if you have a negative result, you should continue to get screened for colorectal cancer on a regular basis. Talk with your healthcare provider about your personal health history.