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 Epi proColon® Test Kit

30 Patient Plasma Samples • 2 Controls • 96 Well Format

Provided Required
 Epi proColon® Plasma Quick Kit (M5-02-001) BD Vacutainer® K2EDTA Blood Collection Tubes*
 Epi proColon® PCR Kit (M5-02-002)
 Epi proColon® Control Kit (M5-02-003)


Required Instrumentation
Life Technologies™ Instrument and Software Specification**
Applied Biosystems® 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument with appropriate SDS software version (See IFU 0008)


*This product has been validated ONLY for use with BD Vacutainer® K2EDTA collection tubes; other reagents and consumables as required for Real-Time PCR are detailed in the Epi proColon® Test Kit Instructions for Use (IFU 0080).

** This product has been validated ONLY for use with the Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR instrument and software system. Refer to the Epi proColon® Test Instructions for Use (IFU 0008) for more information regarding user requirements.

Epi proColon® Features, Benefits & Workflow

Quality Control Verifies Workflow and Validity

  • Internal Process Control: Co-amplified internal control monitors sample quality, sample preparation and adequate DNA concentration
  • External Controls: Positive and Negative Controls performed identically to patient samples monitor successful workflow and ensure validity of patient test results

Simple Real-Time PCR Test – Basic Molecular Lab Technology

    • Familiar PCR technology
    • Flexible workflow adapts to staff workload requirements
    • Single day protocol with total time to results usually < 8 hours

Epi proColon® Adaptable Workflow