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Patient Testing with Epi proColon®

Your patient’s blood sample may be drawn at a draw site or laboratory designated by your patient’s healthcare plan.

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About Getting Tested

  • Blood must be collected in a BD Vacutainer® K2EDTA Blood Collection Tube
  • The test does not require dietary or medication restrictions before blood is drawn.
  • Within a few days, you receive your patient’s test result.
  • Share the Epi proColon test results with your patient, and together, decide if there is any additional follow-up necessary.
  • Patients with positive Epi proColon test results should be referred for a diagnostic colonoscopy.
  • As with any new technology, reimbursement is not guaranteed.  Patients may incur out-of-pocket costs.

About the Benefits

  • Choice and preference are key factors that influence patient behavior.
  • A blood test is a routine and patient-preferred method of testing.
  • If your patient declines colon cancer screening by colonoscopy and stool tests, Epi proColon is an approved test option to consider.
  • Epi proColon detects methylated Septin 9 DNA that is associated with colorectal cancer.