Get Screened

What are the Benefits and Risks of Screening
with Epi proColon®?


Getting screened for colorectal cancer is important. If you are not up-to-date on your screening, and unwilling or unable to be screened by recommended tests, Epi proColon may be right for you.

  • Epi proColon is a blood test ordered by your healthcare provider
  • Your blood may be drawn at a laboratory’s blood collection center
  • No changes in diet or medicine are needed before your blood draw


  • Epi proColon is not intended to replace colorectal screening tests that are recommended by 2008 USPSTF guidelines. These tests include colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and high-sensitivity stool blood tests.
  • Epi proColon was positive more times in people without colorectal cancer (false-positives) than a stool test (OC-Auto® Polymedco, Inc.). Both tests were positive equally in people who had colorectal cancer.
  • If your Epi proColon test is negative, you should talk with your healthcare provider about what screening tests you should do for the next year and the years thereafter. If after talking with your healthcare provider you still decline recommended tests, Epi proColon is an option for you.
  • In clinical trials, the Epi proColon test was given to people only one time. It was not given to people who had been tested with Epi proColon before. It is not known how well the test will perform when used more than one time over a period of years.
  • The chance of having a false-positive test result goes up with age. You should talk to your healthcare provider about what a false-positive result might mean for you.
  • Positive test results have been found in healthy people. Positive results have also been found in people who have chronic gastritis or lung cancer, and also in pregnant women.